A few simple points to remember can ensure the upkeep of your pieces:

1. Always remove jewellery during activities like laundry, Swimming, cooking or            gardening. This prevent from damage.

2. Refrain from storing the product with any other Jewellery to prevent it from              tarnishing and scratches.

3. Always put jewellery on last, after clothing, lotions, cosmetics, perfume.

4. Store your jewellery in a jewellery box or other secure container Provided by us.

5. Take off your jewellery before you perform any sports.

6. Keep your Jewellery away from water, dishwashing soap, lotion, perfume, silver      cleaner and other harsh chemicals.

7. To clean your jewellery use anti-tarnish paper or an eye-glass cloth which                 removes dirt, oil and general pollutants.